Why is it important to maintain and update your website?

With technology advancing at such a fast pace it is imperative to keep your website updated with the latest software, plugins and themes. Website maintenance services are essential to protecting the integrity or your website. Hackers are constantly trying to find ways of getting into a website, even small start-up business websites are target

Regular updates can:

  • keep your website secure
  • prevent data loss
  • streamline the usability of the site by making sure all links are functional.

Regular maintenance/support can:

  • Attract customers
  • Retain customers
  • Positively affect search engine optimisation

At Azure Designs we offer both regular update maintenance agreements and general regular updates.

Update Maintenance agreement

We will offer the following on monthly or bi-monthly agreement/retainer:

  • WordPress platform update
  • Theme update
  • Updating all plugins that are compatible with the latest version of wordpress
  • Monthly backups
  • Check links

Regular Maintenance support

We will charge on an hourly basis for updating content, images and SEO. Please fill out the form on the contact us page if you wish to sign up for a maintenance agreement.