Website Design

As digital marketing is a very effective way of generating leads, the most important part is your website design and construction.

Website design services: we work on WordPress and design websites that are responsive, user friendly & entice potential clients to do work with you.

Your website needs to be eye-catching yet effective and easy to navigate. Your website needs to entice your potential customer to want to do business with you!

workplace with responsive design examples

Our speciality

We create customized and responsive websites using WordPress Content Management Systems.

  • You will be getting the best designs and technology to meet your customer’s needs whether they are accessing your site via a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • We update and maintain your website making sure all the content, images, plugins, themes and updates are current, ensuring your site is secure and protected.
  • Because we use a content management system, it is easy for you to update by yourself with training.


Search engines and surfers tend to be fickle in their search criteria: what’s hot in cyberspace in one season might not even feature the next! However, careful monitoring does reveal certain online trends which we then apply to the development and formatting of your website.

  • We spend time setting up basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) on your website including adding an SEO tool, basic keywords, meta tags and registering with Google.

Content is king

Content is the most important part of SEO and therefore we encourage you to update your website content on a regular basis in order to avoid dropping off the radar!

  • We can help you with some of the best content and SEO writers in South Africa.